Road & Bridge


Department Head Ward Weischedel (406) 232-1970
Kaci Woods (406) 232-1970

The Custer County Road Department is responsible of the repair, construction, and maintenance of roads and bridges in the county.

Custer County Encroachment Fees  – Effective July 1, 2002

Encroachment Permit Classification Minimum Fee

Driveway or Private Road Approach:
New construction, expanded use, alteration of, or relocation of an existing approach. $50.00 each

Work in Right of Way:
All projects which involve work in the right of way (ie: trimming and removing trees, ditch repairs, etc.) $50.00 per mile

Utility Service Installation and Maintenance:
Utility service connections to existing facilities in right of way $50.00 each

Underground utility service installation and maintenance, 10 cents per foot up to 1 mile (5280 feet) and 5 cents per foot in excess of 1 mile $50.00 minimum

Utility pole installation or replacement per mile (5280 feet) $50.00 per mile

All road crossings (bored, trenched, overhead, culverts and cattle guards) $50.00 each

Private cable T.V. Companies, oil & gas pipelines, communication companies, water systems, and public and/or private irrigation systems crossing or using public right of way will be treated under the same schedule of fees as utility service installation and maintenance.

All costs incurred by the county road department or it’s representatives associated with the testing, inspection and correction of deficiencies will be charged to the responsible permittee.

Custer county reserves the right to require a performance bond securing the restoration of county facilities to assure compliance with right of way permit requirements.

A penalty of ten percent (10%) of the projects’ permit cost will be assessed to any individual or contractor who performs work without first obtaining an encroachment permit from Custer County.