Solid Waste District Landfill


Department Head Kevin Krausz (406) 232-7991

Miles City Area Solid Waste District Board 

Current members of the Solid Waste Board are:

Commissioner Kevin Krausz (Chairman) non-voting member

Miles City Council Representative: Roxanna Brush

Solid Waster Board: Dave Jewel, Mark Paulson, Doug Leidholt, Clancee Collins, Susanna Galbraith

City/County Health Board Representative: Jody Menyhart

The Board meetings are held quarterly on the third Wednesday of months, January, April, July and October. If you would like to attend or be on the agenda contact the Board chair at 874-3351.

Miles City Area Solid Waste District

The District is comprised of the voting precincts #1, #3, and #63 in Custer County. All residential and Business  units in the District is taxes an assessment on their property taxes. With this assessment residents can dump their household garbage without a fee charge.

MIles City Area Solid Waste District landfill map

All others are Out of District and are subject to Out of District Assessments.

Neither the Miles City Area Solid Waste District or Dispose All, LLC transports Miles City area’s refuse.

Miles City Sanitation provides this service.


Site Management

Miles City Area Solid Waste District Landfill Board contracts with DISPOSE ALL, LLC. to manage the Landfill.

We are a Class II Solid Waste Landfill serving a site for the public to dispose of their waste.

Landfill Hours

Summer (April 1 thru October 31)

8:30 am  to 5:30 pm Monday thru Saturday

Winter (November 1 thru March 31)

8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Saturday

The Landfill is Closed the following Holidays:

New Years Day

Memorial Day (observed)

4th of July

Labor Day (observed)

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Landfill Charges:

Starting August 2016 All IN-DISTRICT users that use the Landfill are required to have a Hang Tag. If you need a hang tag please bring a tax statement and get signed up.

No Disposal Charges for:

  •      Household Garbage. All Trash coming from your Kitchen or Bathroom (this is what our taxes pay for)
  •      Yard Waste. Clean lawn Clippings, Yard trimmings and leaves: (no garbage allowed) please remove leaves          from bags.
  •     Batteries. All batteries separated out to recycle.
  •     Metal. All metals, tin, iron and aluminum separated into the recycle piles:
  •     Freon units. House size refrigerators and freezers (please remove all food items)
  •     Cardboard

Landfill charges: Includes but not limited to the following items:

Demolition Fees: In-District $0.025 per pound,  OUT of District Household and Demolition is $0.05 per pound.

Demolition includes:

  •     All Household and Office Furniture, Couches, Stuffed Chairs, TV, Ausio Equipment, Mattresses and Box             Springs.
  •     Porcelain Fixtures (toilets and Sinks)
  •     Concrete, Asphalt and Blocks or Bricks
  •     Remodeling Debris and total structure tear down.
  •     Painted, Treated, Stained or Glued wood (plywood, OSB Board, Treated Red wood and Manufactured Wood       Products.)
  •     Carpet, Padding, Laminated Flooring.
  •     Shingles and Roofing
  •     All yard and garden waste with any garbage/trash mixed in.
  •     Any items which require special handling, take up pit space or which cannot be recycled.


  • Horse ……………………$15.00
  • Cow ………………………$10.00
  • Sheep/Goat…………….$ 5.00
  • Dog/Cat…………………$ 2.00
  • Wild Game …………….$ 2.00
  • Baby Animal …………..$ 1/2 price


  • Car/Pickup……………$ 1.50
  • Semi Truck …………..$ 2.50
  • Tractor …………………$ 7.50
  • Scraper ……………….  $22.50
  • Monster Truck ………$10.50

Tires still on a rim, add $10.00 for each tire.

To help conserve your pit space we ask that All

Tires, Refrigerators, Batteries, Air Conditioners, Cardboard, Compost & Recycleables be sorted into their disignated areas.

Wastes not Accepted:

  • Material Cintaining PCB’s
  • Liquids (household quantities accepted)
  • Paint in Liquid Form
  • Dredge Soils
  • Contaminated Soil
  • Sludge/Septic Pumpings
  • Fly Ash
  • Hazardous Wastes: Characteristic waste- (one or more of the following)
    • Ignitable
    • Corrosive
    • Reactive
    • TCLP toxic

Conditional Waste

  • Asbestos-  In district – $0.04 per pound, Out of District – $0.08 per pound
  • Entrails- Per State & Federal Guidelines
  • Paint- Must be Solidified.

Please Call for Information about the disposal of these items.